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Client Work

Miami Children's Health System

Native Virtual Reality

A real-life emergency situation that allows users to learn about and apply CPR rescue techniques.

Texas Tech Public Art

React Native iOS & Android

Not only a great traditional way of exploring the 100+ piece public art collection, but also a DaVinci Code style social art hunt as well.


Responsive React Web Application

With Mammosphere, patients can securely store, share, and request their medical images. An online storage account, Mammosphere helps patients take back their health.

HBO Bronze Garden

Web-Based Virtual Reality

A web-based VR game inspired by the series that generated excitement for it's premiere and kept HBO products top of mind.

Allied Builder

Responsive React Web Application & WebGL

Allows users to easily design and price their building in real time, as well as purchase the final product - all from the web.

Political Punch'em

Web-Based Bleeding Edge Tech

Using browser's latest technologies. Users control the punching with their phones, as the characters duel it out on screen.

HBO MAX 2017

Web-Based Virtual Reality

Web-based, fully immersive 3D virtual reality, where users could interact with content and learn through trivia, trailers and interesting facts.


Responsive React Web Application

Simple. Transparent. Waste Collection. A Platform Creating Savings For Businesses & Haulers

HBO Vinyl

iOS & Android Native

HBO’s latest hit show, Vinyl needed a little extra bass. We built them a new way to rock.


Responsive React Web Application

Apollonix is a dental prosthetics marketplace. Helping dentists and dental laboratories communicate easily.


Responsive Web Application & Native iOS

Managing employee time used to come with a lot of questions. Not anymore. You’re welcome.

Augmented Greetings

Augmented Reality

It’s Alive, It’s Alive!!! We made a way to jolt static paper into a living, breathing interactive experience.


Responsive Web Application & Native iOS

Don’t let job-hunting turn into it’s own job. A better job/employee is just a swipe away.

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We create enterprise-level solutions, minimum-viable products and fun for ourselves.


We don't hire junior or mid-level developers. Our niche is that we only hire the best, and it shows in our work.


We don't believe in big reveals. We believe in transparency, teamwork and the best possible final product.


We don't preach the limits of technology. We invite you to dream and we figure it out.

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